Ah ... music. Specifically ... my music. I've been playing guitar and piano off and on since I was eight. I'll play hard for a couple of years, reach a certain competency level, then for no reason at all ... put away the guitar and not pick it up again, for years. The last layoff was 12 years, the one before that, 8 years. Each time I have had to relearn.

I'm an adequate rhythm guitar player, and I have an o.k. voice. Sometimes my guitar work is lacking, other times it can be exceptional. Similarly, I have days when I can sing well, and others where the years of cigarettes and other sundried abuses take their toll. It is rare indeed for my vocals, and my playing, to both come together in perfect mode.

There are very few things in life which give me goose bumps. Watching the birth of my children was one. A couple of sexual episodes make the list. Some drugs in my youth gave me goose bumps. Great music by professional artists will do it. And, on those rare occasions when my music all comes together ... my music will give me goose bumps.

Below, you will find my first youtube video, a response to terra Naomi's "Say It's Possible". Below that, you will find the (damnable necessary) legal bullshit, and then links to mp3's that I have recorded.

Disclaimers, legal or otherwise

  1. The recordings on this page are non-commercial and may be distributed as such. Any and all copyrights belong to the individual artists, and any commercial use of these recordings is strictly prohibited, without prior consent of the owners.
  2. I am neither a professional producer nor a professional musician. I am barely an adequate guitarist, my vocal chords have been subjected to years of abuse(s), and these recordings were produced in my kitchen, using freebie software, an outdated computer, a cheap mic, and a boat load of cussing. All piano, guitar, bass, and vocals are mine ... the drum loops where they appear, are (legally) swiped.
  3. These recordings is what dey is, and were recorded for my enjoyment, not necessarily yours.

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