Resume: D. Michael Boller
Updated: 04/07/07

D. Michael (Mike) Boller
12511 Pony Lane
Hudson, FL 34669
Phone number withheld.


Primary Email: mb@mikeboller.com
Yahoo Messenger ID: mbolleratgte
Marital status: Widowed, two children

Personal References:
(Please note: phone numbers available upon request.)

  1. Patricia Pearson, Charles Brownfield, New Port Richey, FL, Real Estate
  2. Thomas & Mary Deeb, New Port Richey, FL, Residential Developer

Employment History:

From 2/02 through present.

New Port Richey, FL - Freelance PC networking, website and graphic design, deploy anti-virus and back-up strategies in concert with Deeb Companies Networking. Also provide various property management services to residential and commercial customers in the Tampa Bay area.

In addition to the above, I host websites for other business and private entities, and have my own redundant web servers (www.deebcompanies.net), which I administer as part and parcel of the Deeb Companies internal network (Windows Advanced Server 2000). And, I write a "real" fishing report for a local marine dealer, which can be viewed at www.rpimarine.com/fishing.htm.

From 2/96 through 2/02.

New Port Richey, FL - Masterpiece Technology Group, Inc. - webmaster, Director of Internet Marketing, sales & marketing, technology consultant, trainer, troubleshooter. Masterpiece is a diverse technology based public company with product lines ranging from broadband wireless Internet connectivity to electronic medical records software to Medicare Compliance programs. I built, hosted, and maintained their company website(s), www.masterpiecetechgroup.com and was utilized in a variety of other roles, including developing marketing materials for all their product lines, authoring press releases, direct and internet sales and marketing, software trouble shooting, network administration, and consulting and legal liaison in Medicare Compliance issues. I telecommuted via the internet.

From 1/94 through 2/96

Cincinnati, OH - Marketing for Paradigm Motorsports, Inc. Paradigm Motorsports was an attempt by a retired lawyer to build a start-up NASCAR Winston Cup racing team. With annual budgets ranging from 8.3 to 10 million dollars, a race team's existence depends on sponsorship. During this period I marketed Team Paradigm to corporate America. I developed marketing materials, direct mail pieces, written proposals (complete with computer graphic renderings of what a Winston Cup car with a given corporation's logo might look like) and video presentations. In November of '96 I developed a business plan around a "fan sponsored" race team, allowing NASCAR fans to directly participate in team funding through a merchandising program. To date, my "fan sponsorship" idea has been copied no less than five times, with varying degrees of success (and failure).

7/88 through 12/93

Milford, OH - CEO and President, CompMed, Inc. Owned and operated CompMed, Inc., a provider of Medicare supplies to residents of nursing homes. I oversaw all day to day operations, including claims processing and electronic submission software systems. Our billing system was run on a small LAN (local area network), which I built and maintained. CompMed closed the operation in December of 1993 as a result of changes in Medicare law, which went into effect January 1, 1994, and essentially took away our geographic advantage in providing services for other out of state medical suppliers.

12/82 through 7/88

Cincinnati, OH - Del Crane Medical Corporation. I began my career with Del Crane (a Medicare supplier) as a local area sales representative when the company was in its infancy. Within two years, I had been named as their Vice President of Sales, after taking this company from a start-up position to a national level multi-million dollar supplier. National contracts with Eckerd's Pharmacy and General Medical Corporation led the way, and I developed and oversaw a national sales force. By my third year, I was promoted to Vice President, Director of Operations, reporting directly to the owner and CEO. I resigned my position and began CompMed, Inc. (a parallel supplier) as part of a strategy to give Del Crane a backup to their claims processing system.

1/80 through 12/82

Milford, OH - Independent Contractor. Primarily in the construction trades, I owned and operated a home repair and improvement service, and worked as an installer for local garage door companies and for Sears. At the same time I operated a small local taxicab company.

1976 through 1980

Villa Rica & Atlanta, GA - Independent contractor, again primarily in the construction trades. I worked for a local framing crew building residential housing, and then doing "punch out" for Glenn Property Management, a developer of condominium complexes in Atlanta.

1972 through 1976

Atlanta, GA - Commercial phototypography. Fresh out of my half year of college at the University of Miami, I went to work for one of Atlanta's leading typographers (as a delivery driver). Over the next few years, I bounced from one typographer to another, working with some of Atlanta's premier advertising agencies. I ran distortion cameras, set type on the forerunners to today's computers, wrote and proofread copy, stripped film mechanicals, and produced commercial paste-ups and pre-press mechanicals. At the last two typographers, I was their production manager, responsible for all operations including billing, excluding payroll.

Educational experience:

Graduate of Milford High School, one-half year at the University of Miami on athletic scholarship. During my career in corporate sales, I've taken numerous sales training courses and seminars, including Dale Carnegie Training.

Hobbies and Interests:

I'm an avid sports enthusiast, having been a nationally ranked springboard and platform diver, and having played competitive men's league softball and ice hockey. I continue to play competitive men's league softball to date, though not nearly as quickly as I once did. I've coached AAU swimming and diving, men's and co-ed league softball, men's league ice hockey, youth league hockey, Little League Girls Softball and ISA Softball. I hunt (rarely) and fish (whenever possible), with my new found love being deep-sea fishing (I periodically act as First Mate for a local offshore Captain).

I've been computing since the earliest days of the PC, and am comfortable with most any (Windows or DOS based) software application. I telecommute for Masterpiece Technology Group using various internet technologies, and my own personal computing system is a LAN of my own design, with PCs that I built from the ground up. I routinely troubleshoot PC technical problems as well as train clients of Masterpiece and other business associates, all remotely via the Internet. Unfortunately, I'm becoming somewhat of a "resident expert" on firewalls, backup and anti-virus strategies, and virus removal, having fallen victim to several online infections.


I have a strong (albeit diverse) background and work history that includes many high-level management positions. I am technologically sound, and well beyond computer literate, with strong skills in PC hardware, software, networking, TCP/IP protocols, html and the internet. I have solid experience in sales and marketing, with a working knowledge in operations, in both established companies and entrepreneurial endeavors alike. Having owned and operated several small businesses, I recognize that the needs of the company can often outweigh the needs of the individual, and am accustomed to sacrificing personal short-term comfort for long-term corporate gain. Salary, benefits, and schedule are negotiable, and I do have the capacity to telecommute. I would be a valuable asset to any organization.

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