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O.K. ... so, it's a tad vain, no? Borderline arrogant even. Well, indeed it is.

This website serves many purposes. It gives me a place to showcase my graphic design, website design, and copy writing skills. I can "test" designs and copy writing and provide my customers with live "real time" samples.

This site gives me a place to advertise my products and services, and show off my resume. It gives me a place to post my (amateur) musical recordings. Periodically, I run across things that I need to sell ... things I have collected, built, or stumbled across over the years. I peddle those items here.

While most of my products and services are internet related and provided globally, I can (and will) do most anything that has a buck attached to it, and with my years of experience in home repair, I offer a myriad of other services to the residents of the Tampa Bay area.

I invite you to browse this site. Whether your needs are related to the internet and PC networking, or you need a virus cleaned from your system, or you simply need some work done around the old homestead ... Mike Boller is the man!

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